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3DTraining.com is excited to announce its new resource portal for anyone interested in finding 3D companies and talent. Think "YelpTM" meets "LinkedinTM" for the 3D Industry!

The exclusive membership-only site will provide information about the 3D Industry's leading training institutions, software and hardware companies, studios, jobs, news, events and much more - all in one place!

Experienced and aspiring 3D professionals will get a free profile/portfolio page to promote their skills to studios and companies around the world.

In celebration of the launch, 3DTraining.com will be providing FREE Memberships and Listings
 - for a limited time! 

    •    To sign up for a FREE Individual Membership, select
 "Register" (see top right of the page)  

    •    For listing your company or studio, select
List Your Company

            USE PROMO CODE: SIG2019! (For a Free Silver/Gold One-Year Package - expires August 31st, 2019)

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